Film & Video Rental Gear

Lighting, grip, and camera support gear available for rental in Northwest Arkansas. For a quote, email with your filming dates. On some items we require a rental insurance certificate (COI). Unless otherwise arranged, pickup/dropoff will be in Siloam Springs, AR.



Camera AKS
Solid Camera Scatterbox
50/day | 200/wk
Solid Camera Scatterbox Image

Scatterbox mounts to v-mount plate or 15mm back rods to power a camera and accessories. Provides regulated (2) D-tap, (3) 12v 2-pin lemo, (1) Fischer 24v 4-pin lemo. Takes V-mount batteries (and AB batts via included adapter). Can also mount Scatterbox directly onto Anton Bauer camera plate via adapter.

Switronix V-mount battery kit
100/day | 250/wk
Switronix V-mount battery kit Image

90wh v-mount lithium-ion camera batteries w/ (1) built-in D-tap. Kit includes (4) batteries w/ a 2-position charger.

Canon 5D Mark III
100/day | 300/wk
Canon 5D Mark III Image

Includes (1) 32GB card, (2) Canon LP-E6 batteries, (1) charger. Can also be configured Magic Lantern and a 500GB card. Ask for details.

RØDE Field Audio Kit
75/day | 150/wk
RØDE Field Audio Kit Image

RØDE NTG3 shotgun microphone, RØDE Blimp windshield & “gun” handle, 15-ft XLR cable, Ktek Boom, boom-mate stand adapter, (2) wired XLR lav mics, and Tascam DR40 audio recorder.

Dana Dolly kit
100/day | 250/wk
Dana Dolly kit Image

A robust slider kit. Includes 4ft and 8ft speed rails, slider stands with optional caster wheels, center support, and anti-tip brackets. Kit includes 75mm, 100mm, and 150mm bowl adapters for your tripod head, and the dolly packs neatly into a rolling hard case. Tripod head not included.

Libec tripod head with 3-level sticks
30/day | 100/wk
Libec tripod head with 3-level sticks Image

Libec head rated to 20lbs, plate, sticks with 75mm bowl, ground spreader, optional mid level spreader, soft case.

Induro Hi-hat
20/day | 50/wk
Induro Hi-hat Image

Mini-tripod / Hi-hat with 100mm bowl and flat-mount for your head, rated to 200lbs.

Zacuto VCT support kit
50/day | 150/wk
Zacuto VCT support kit Image

Zacuto VCT baseplate, tripod receiver, 15mm rods, shoulderpad, handles, Zamerican arm and Zicro mount for monitor/accessories.

Sachtler Video 18 tripod (100mm)
75/day | 250/wk
Sachtler Video 18 tripod (100mm) Image
100mm Sachtler Video 18 head with aluminum sticks and ground spreader. Rock solid and smooth, sticks can also support a lightweight jib. Comes in hard case.
Teradek Bolt Pro 300 wireless video kit
175/day | 350/wk
Teradek Bolt Pro 300 wireless video kit Image
Teradek Bolt Pro 300 wireless TX/RX SDI kit. Includes transmitter, receiver, (2) D-tap power cables, (1) AC adapter, and (2) SDI cables.
Blueshape V-mount battery kit
100/day | 250/wk
Blueshape V-mount battery kit Image
Kit includes (3) 90wh Blueshape BV90 batteries and a 2-position charger. Batteries have two D-tap outputs directly on batt.
8x8 overhead butterfly frame
50/day | 150/wk
8x8 overhead butterfly frame Image

8ft Avenger fold-out frame with 1/4 silent Grid, Full silent Grid, and Black Solid/White Ultrabounce rags.

2x3 Flag kit
25/day | 75/wk
2x3 Flag kit Image

24″ x 36″ flags – (2) Solids, (1) Single net, (1) Double net, (1) Silk, (1) open gel frame. Gel frame can be pre-strung with diffusion gel on request.

4×4 Floppy kit
25/day | 75/wk
4×4 Floppy kit Image

48″x48″ solid flags with flop

4x4 Bounce/Diffusion kit
35/day | 100/wk
4x4 Bounce/Diffusion kit Image

(1) 4x4" white/silver beadboard, (1) 2x3 white/silver beadboard, (1) quacker clamp, (1) 4x4 Gel frame w/ 410 Opal Frost, (1) 4x4 Gel frame w/ 250 diffusion.

C-Stand with 15lb sandbag
8/day | 20/wk
C-Stand with 15lb sandbag Image

MSE C-stands with arm, grip head, and 15lb sandbag. (5) 40" stands and (1) shorty/coleman stand available.

Extension cords
5/day | 15/wk
Extension cords Image

25ft stingers w/ standard edison plugs and a tri-tap splitter. (5) available.

Road Rags travel flag kit
50/day | 100/wk
Road Rags travel flag kit Image

(2) MSE Road Rags frames, (1) silk diffusion, (1) solid flag, (2) nets, (1) silver reflector, and Mini Grip kit with (2) arms and heads.

78×78″ handheld Diffusion/Reflector frame
30/day | 100/wk
78×78″ handheld Diffusion/Reflector frame Image

Lightweight butterfly frame perfect for handheld bounce use. Includes silk diffusion fabric, and silver/white reflector fabric

Zeiss/Contax 7-lens prime package
200/day | 600/wk
Zeiss/Contax 7-lens prime package Image

These are fully-manual vintage lenses with a Canon mount. They have a beautiful character, a soft-contrast cinematic look that catches flares and smoothly rolls off highlights. They will cover a full-frame image circle. Each has a Canon mount, de-clicked aperture, standard-pitch follow focus gears, and 80mm OD front (with 77mm internal filter thread). The set comes in a hard Pelican 1510 case and can be shipped. Fits any Canon DSLR, C300, C100, or RED camera equipped with a Canon EF mount. Rental can also include a high-quality MTF EF-to-NEX adapter for use with the FS7 and FS5, A7S line, or FS100/FS700.

Canon 70-200 IS II zoom
50/day | 125/wk
Canon 70-200 IS II zoom Image

Canon 70-200 f2.8L IS II zoom lens, with Canon 2x EF II Extender.

Canon 24-105mm IS zoom
50/day | 125/wk
Canon 24-105mm IS zoom Image

Canon 24-105mm f/4 IS zoom

Kino Flo 4x4 Light Kit
150/day | 450/wk
Kino Flo 4x4 Light Kit Image

(2) Kino Flo 4ft 4-bank lights. Includes flozier diffusions, control grids, KF55 daylight and KF32 tungsten bulbs, ballasts, head cables, and soft carry cases.

Source-4 Leko kit
75/day | 300/wk
Source-4 Leko kit Image

(2) 750w Source 4 ellipsoidal lights, with (1) 50-degree, (1) 26-degree, and (1) 19-degree barrel. Includes (2) gel-frame holders, (1) drop-in iris, and spare bulbs. Dimmers available on request.

Westcott Flex LED kit
50/day | 150/wk
Westcott Flex LED kit Image

Kit with (2) LED 1×1 lights, diffusors, mounting frames, power cables with AC adapter & dimmer. Flex lights are a 10×10″ panel that is flexible and high output with 95+ CRI color. 5600k daylight balanced. Output is roughly as much as a Kino Flo Diva.

Strobist stills lighting kit
50/day | 150/wk
Strobist stills lighting kit Image

(2) portable flashes, Cybersync radio trigger, (2) Cybersync radio receivers, (2) lightweight Manfrotto Nano stands

Fog Machine
50/day | 75/wk
Fog Machine Image
Water-based fog machine. Suitable for small to medium size interior spaces. Comes with 1/2 gallon of fog juice.
Quasar LED tubes
75/day | 150/wk
Quasar LED tubes Image
(2) Quasar Science 4ft crossfade tubes. These LED lights offer variable color temperature and high output. Kit comes with tube holder that fits into a standard grip head. These lights are dimmable with any standard dimmer.
Lowel 250w tungsten kit
25/day | 75/wk
Lowel 250w tungsten kit Image
Lowel 250w tungsten light kit, includes (2) lights in a soft carry case.
Gratical HD EVF
100/day | 300/wk
Gratical HD EVF Image

Zacuto Gratical HD Viewfinder with SDI/HDMI input/output/cross-conversion, LUT support, and extensive image and exposure tools. Includes Axis Mini mounting arm, (2) Canon LP-E6 batteries, (1) charger, D-tap power cable, hard case.

Odyssey 7Q OLED 7″ monitor and Prores/RAW recorder
150/day | 450/wk
Odyssey 7Q OLED 7″ monitor and Prores/RAW recorder Image

Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q monitor & recorder package includes 7″ OLED 7Q monitor, (2) 512GB SSD’s, (1) USB3 SSD reader, (1) D-tap power cable, (4) Sony FP-970 batteries, (1) charger, 1/4″ monitor support arm, SDI and HDMI cables, and Pelican 1450 hard case.

15″ OLED 10-bit client/director monitor
75/day | 250/wk
15″ OLED 10-bit client/director monitor Image

15″ OLED 10-bit client or directors monitor w/ 2x SDI inputs and passthru, HDMI input, v-mount plate, sun-shade, carry case, and adjustable c-stand mount. PIP/side-by-side image option, 400 nit brightness.

iPad Teleprompter
50/day | 150/wk
iPad Teleprompter Image

Shoot-through lens glass, hood, 15mm rod mount with adjustable height, universal iPad mount (does not include iPad).